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S.A.G.E. (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence)


SAGE stands for Student  Assessment of Growth and Excellence.  SAGE is a system of assessments designed  to measure student success and growth over the years. SAGE tests are based on the Utah 

Core Standards, a set of academic standards that raise our expectations for students and teachers. The SAGE system includes:

Summative end-of-year tests that assess how our schools and districts are doing. These tests replace the CRTs that were previously administered at the end of the school year. 

Interim fall and winter tests that monitor student progress. These tests are administered by the schools and districts that are choosing to implement them. 

A formative assessment tool available online to students, families, and teachers that provides materials to support instruction.


SAGE assessments are unique to Utah. They were developed specifically for Utah students 

according to a rigorous and inclusive test development process. This process includes development workshops involving Utah teachers and numerous reviews by the Utah State Office 

of Education (USOE), test development experts, Utah educators and citizens, and a parent test 

review committee composed of Utah parents.


SAGE test questions were reviewed by Utah parents. In November 2013, the Parent Review 

Committee, composed of fifteen Utah parents who were appointed by the Utah State Senate President, the Utah Speaker of the House and the Utah State Board of Education Chair, spent five days reviewing 

SAGE test questions. Every member of the committee made positive comments about the process and the general content of the questions. A parent committee will meet each fall to review any new questions as well as review any revised questions from the previous year. New members will be selected each year to fill the vacancies of parents completing their term of appointment. Parents wishing to participate on this committee should contact the State Board of Education chair, the Speaker of the 

House, or the Senate President.


The Sage Assessments,  for the most part,  begin in early April and end in mid-May.  The Sage writing assessment will be given in February. 






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