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Graduation Requirements

English Language Arts

4.0 credits


3.0 credits


3.0 credits

Social Studies

3 credits

Directed Coursework

3.5 credits

Physical Ed.

2.0 credits

Required Electives

6.0 credits


24 credits


1. English/Language Arts (4 Credits)

2. Mathematics (3 Credits)

Successful completion of Secondary Mathematics I, II, and III or higher.

Parents may request that students replace Secondary III with a course from the Applied or Advanced approved course list.
Students who successfully complete Calculus have met graduation requirements regardless of the number of credits they have taken.

3. Science (3 Credits)

2 Credits (from the four science foundation areas; Earth Systems, Biological Science, Chemistry, or physics).
1 Credit (from the foundation courses or the applied or advanced science core list). 

4. Social Studies (3 Credits)

1 Credit (U.S. History)
0.5 Credit (Geography)
0.5 Credit (Civilization)
0.5 Credit (U.S. Government and Citizenship)
0.5 Credit (Social Studies)

5. Directed Coursework (3.5 Credits)

1.5 Credit (Fine Arts)
1 Credit (CTE)
0.5 Credit (Computer Technology) 
0.5 Credit Financial Literacy

6. Physical Education Health (2 Credits)

0.5 Credit (Health)
0.5 Credit (Participation Skills)
0.5 Credit (Fitness for Life)
0.5 Credit (Individualized Lifetime Activities)
Optional: 0.5 Credit Maximum (Team Sport/Athletic Participation*)

     *Can be used in place of Participation Skills or Individualized Lifetime Activities only

7. Required Electives (6 Credits)

Total Credit Hours (24)

"Champion Individual Growth"